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Vegetable oils - Naturoil

High in unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable oils have been used since the dawn of time in beauty treatments. They have a high power of penetration, enabling them to nourish and protect the skin deeply, all while rebuilding the lipid film, our natural barrier. At the same time, they make the skin radiant and supple and are therefore essential in cosmetic formulations, either as a base or an active ingredient.

ID bio invites you to discover its NATUROIL range of vegetable oils, for a diverse range of cosmetic applications.

Virgin, refined or pharmacopoeia, rediscover our conventional and timeless oils, as well as our more original or even exotic oils, which can be suited to your needs and your brief.

Our classic vegetable oils: sweet almond, argan, avocado, coprah (coconut), wheatgerm, jojoba, corn, peach, macadamia, hazelnut, apricot kernel, olive, grapeseed, sesame, soybean, sunflower, etc.

Our original vegetable oils: cashew, borage, chaulmoogra, calophyllum, safflower, rose hip, passion flower, cottonseed, evening primrose, rice bran, etc.


Feel free to contact us to renew your formulas simply, by choosing one of the raw materials on offer. Each of these oils brings its own marketing and cosmetic touches, and can be used to perform a custom made botanical extract with an oil base.


Focus on an oil with many virtues, unknown to consumers

Naturoil - chaulmoogra oil

This oil, native to Pacific area and shores of the Indian Ocean, will give sun care a softening and soothing touch, for example, with repairing after-sun creams. At the same time, it has a strong protective power, which will prove very useful when formulating lip balms or even creams for sensitive and reactive skin.