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Titrated extracts

If you are looking for an ingredient that is somewhere between the simple and active extracts, the TitrExtract® range will be able to meet your expectations, offering innovative botanical ingredients.

Furthermore, as a response to the requirements of the "report on the safety of cosmetic products" contained in the European regulation 1223/2009, TitrExtract® will allow you to identify their presence thanks to the dosage of active molecules performed for each product batch.

TitrExtract® = (innovative botanical extract + specific cosmetic demand + identified active molecule) / attractive price
The ideal formula for controlled and safe cosmetic creations.

Discover our titrated extracts:

Restorative - Soothing
Revitalizing - Tonifying
Bio-adhesif - Remoisturizing
Complexion corrector - Protecting
Red Vine
Vascular remodeling
Rose Hip
Cell energizer - Regenerating
Antioxidant - Cellular detoxifying
Witch Hazel
Purifying - Astringent