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ID bio provides ingredients designed for you, but the company will also provide you with the very best service and will support you in making your products different. This is thanks to:

A choice of reliable partners
ID bio has chosen to select reliable and renowned external partners in order to objectify all of our products in the ID Actives range.
The same goes for all of our other products, for which the company has opted for providers who are recognised for the quality of their tests (toxicology for example).

Knowledge of local supply
With its many years of experience, ID bio has forged a tight network in France, enabling the company to get to know most of those working in the plant industry, as well as those working with other raw materials needed for producing your custom made products.
Therefore, many close partnerships between producers and ID bio have emerged in order to provide you with botanical ingredients of a constant quality and a well-defined traceability.
In particular, look out for our sustainable Terroir en beauté® (Local beauty) range, which showcases our daily collaboration with our providers as well as our promotion of local resources, used in the agro-food industry but to date are relatively unknown in the cosmetic industry.

A proactive, available and qualified support team
Whatever questions or requirements you may have, our qualified and determined team can provide you with adapted and customised solutions. The technical support provided allows us to track your project throughout its progress and give you clear responses as quickly as possible.

Eco-friendly commitment and sustainable processes
With the environmental progress made in recent years, ID bio is committed to providing an eco-friendly approach.
This first price, represented by the peony , symbolises ID bio’s official commitment on a sustainable path and allows for the environmental and societal indicators put into practice by the company to be commended. By signing the "For an eco-friendly Cosmetic Valley " charter, ID bio is committed to communicating to the cluster any information regarding environmental activity carried out, the products developed, the process of continued progress to which they are committed, and societal relations, which are are the heart of the company’s strategy.


This voluntary project follows the ISo 14001 certification obtained in March 2011 and enables ID bio to benefit from the support of Cosmetic Valley in implementing new sustainable actions, which are beneficial for the entire company on a corporate scale. To date, many indicators are green, including on-site risk management, the promotion of recyclable waste, the reduction of water and electricity consumption, or even regulatory conformity. It is a daily commitment, based on continuous improvement, which enable us to continue on this eco-friendly route, among other things, in order to offer a range of products alongside a high-quality overall service.

Along these lines, the company is continually optimising its processes in order to reduce water consumption, reduce the amount of waste produced and ensure that it is not using energy-consuming machines or machines that are too noisy, through concern for respecting the planet. The ISO 14 001 certification in particular can vouch for this overall environmental commitment, on all levels.

Therefore, it is not only the ingredients offered by ID bio, rather an overall concept facilitating the everyday life of the formulators and as a result, the consumers and finished cosmetics.