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Botanical extraction

ID bio is a laboratory that has mastered a unique form of expertise for 20 years, meaning it is able to offer innovative ingredients, derived from quality plant extraction and produced for various beauty sectors (care, make-up, toiletries, spa products, etc.).

Therefore, thanks to a unique combination of technical professionals - chemists and biologists - and a perfect command of process engineering, ID bio can support you in your approach to differentiation in the face of competition, offering you unique and custom made products. In this way, you are able to concentrate on the heart of your business and benefit from our solutions using botanical raw materials. Furthermore, we will know how to support you throughout your development projects, from receiving the brief right up to placing the final product on the market.

Depending on your needs, you have the possibility of obtaining diverse and varied extracts, for which we set various parameters: solvents, ratio, preservatives, extraction temperature, tools used, methods implemented, and we work in accordance with eco-friendly processes if you are operating on the green cosmetics market.

Our strength lies mainly in the repeatability we offer through sourcing and controlled procedures. All inputs are controlled and fall within parameters that remain constant from one batch to the next. Therefore, despite the variability of the plants, brought about by Mother Nature, ID bio will know to implement actions that will provide for a reliable ingredient in every batch. Meanwhile, we are constantly adapting our protocols to get the best out of the sustainable materials used, whether they are organic plants, locally sourced plants or palm-free glycerine.