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ID bio, part of Novacap group, launched Evolu’age™, a “well aging” active extracted from Getto leaves, sourced in Okinawa Island longevity secrets.

ID bio has been investigating in the zones where there is an exceptional concentration of centenaries, called « Blue Zones » searching for the longevity secret of those populations. Okinawa Island is one of them and shows since 30 years, 4 to 5 times more centenaries than western populations.

ID bio has made an extraction of Getto leaves, a traditional plant that belongs to the ’Okinawa’ diet and is known to be a longevity influencer. It demonstrated its positive effects on skin.
The active ingredients helps maintain the skin healthy look, thus positively influencing the self-image perception, to feel comfortable in your own skin, at every age in life.

More information here on this active ingredient.