Well-aging active ingredient inspired from Asian longevity secrets
Trade name
Well-aging – Pro-aging
Studies and results


Our studies on aged fibroblasts show that the active Evolu’ageTM enables to rebalance the stimulation of genes coding for the extracellular matrix assembly.

Proteomic – ex vivo
A study on explants has been carried out to show a positive action of the active ingredient on:

-  Dermo-epidermal junction (laminin 5) that deteriorates with age

-  DEJ invagination to restore a wavy profile, characteristic of young skins

In vivo
A clinical study realized on 25 volunteers has highlighted :

-  A smoother skin texture

-  A radiant skin : chromametric measurement showed a boosted rosy parameter (a) and a decreased yellowish parameter (b)

INCI name
Aqua (and) Propanediol (and) Alpinia speciosa leaf extract
Raw material
Getto leaves


Enhances a healthy connection between cells and between dermis and epidermis

Favors the DEJ proper anchoring

Smooth the skin texture and boosts the skin radiance

Well-aging solution for every skin type

For young ones looking for a glowy complexion
as well as the mature skins to gracefully take up their age.

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Raw material certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard.