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Share with us the significant points in ID bio’s development:

Born from a university project on protein development, it was in 1988 that our story began with the creation of Biodev by current ID bio director, Jean Pierre Picot.

He made the decision to join forces and create a biotechnology company specialising in the development of biological proteins for the cosmetics industry and in vitro diagnostics.

5 years later, the company Biodev was divided in two to better respond to the needs of its clients. The production part was renamed ID bio (Industries et Développements biotechnologiques - Biotechnological Industries and Developments) and focuses on developing new ingredients for these two areas of activity.

In order to make use of the highly technological situation prevailing in the area, ID bio became integrated into the ESTER Technopole, which was the birthplace of many economic achievements in Limousin.

ID bio carried out an external growth operation and extended its product portfolio to complete its cosmetic ranges.


ID bio received ECOCERT certification and was then able to satisfy its clients by offering bio-certified cosmetic ingredients, which were in perfect harmony with the philosophy behind the company - to offer natural products.

The company, which was benefiting from regular growth, decided to invest in extending the current building by expanding all areas of activity (production, R&D, storage, offices, etc.) to multiply the surface area by five and achieve a total surface area of 2,200 m2.

AFAQ ISO 14001

For many years, ID bio had been deploying their expertise in biotechnology, all while controlling and reducing its environmental impact as much as possible. It also developed its product range responsibly and in line with many significant processes.

Therefore, in March 2011, the company received ISO 14001 certification, which crowned this commitment to long-term environmental management, prompting the company to continue its responsible approach.

To date, ID bio, an independent family company, is continuing to develop by offering new ingredients for the cosmetics and in vitro diagnostic fields. This relies on the Quality Management project driving the company on a daily basis to respond to its partners’ needs as best it can.

In December, the company received its first Cosmetic Valley peony , which was a sign of its institutional commitment to an eco-responsible approach.


Thank to a solid internal organization and the fact of producing products in according to clients expectations, ID bio received the ISO 9001 certification given by the Afaq organism.


This year marks the beginning of a new structure for the animal IVD bioproducts. Indeed, they are now part of H2B, a dedicated entity.

ID bio is now only comitted to the manufacturing of botanical cosmetic ingredients.


ID bio joined the Novacap Group to strenghten its cosmetics offer.

All the social counts are available on request to the Management.