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Easy Pure System


You wish to enhance your colleagues’s work in spa and beauty salons?
You wish to get them involved in an innovative concept?
Or else you are just looking for a system that will protect the active ingredients, until the final mix realized by the consumer?

So the Easy Pure System concept has been created for you.

This packaging offers a lot of advantages : safe, inviolable, easy and instantaneous use.

To date, we offer two concepts :

Easy Pure System - Digimix Easy Pure System - New

The cap content (enzymatic powder, scrubing seeds, botanical extract …) is mixed with the solution (aqueous or oily) located in the flask and this, just before use. Easy Pure System easily and quickly releases all the benefits of this mixture for an immediate application and helps to preserve the actives nature.

Custom-made printing, capacity, color and material
Low minimum of order even for personalized systems
Demonstration on request