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Custom made ingredients

Thanks to its several decades of specialisation in botanical extraction, ID bio knows and perfectly controls most raw materials forming the composition of cosmetic plant ingredients. Therefore, every day the technical teams lend their innovative spirit to the formulators in order to develop custom made cosmetic bases. The offered ingredients are in perfect harmony with their particular needs, and are available for the very smallest orders.

In line with the complete ranges that you know about or will find out about, ID bio is able to create custom ingredients to help you to differentiate from the current products on the market.

Therefore, for you as formulators, the extracts, titrated extracts and active ingredients can be adapted and you can advise us of your expectations, your marketing brief, or even your positioning or "trademark". It’s simply a case of you giving our commercial team a call, who will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

However, the company does not simply offer cosmetic ingredients, it also offers many other valuable features, provided by the formulators. For cumulative advantages that revolve around the products offered in order to make them unique: further information can be found in Overall approach.