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The research at the heart

Research is a cornerstone service in any innovating company. ID bio falls into this category and promotes the development of new products by each year reinvesting over 15% of its turnover into research, the source of all inspiration.

In turn, ID bio has an integrated team within the company, always on the lookout for technological innovations and advances in dermocosmetology. The constant dynamism and flexibility of our researchers enable them to work on bold and customised projects, ideal for supporting you in creating innovative, effective and safe solutions.

At the same time, the team are experts in standard analysis ( physico-chemical analyses) but also in advanced analysis (the analysis of chemical structures), meaning they are able to identify the best of custom-produced and developed ingredients. Finally, many partnerships (Limoges University research centre, toxicology laboratories, centres for objectification) work with ID bio and support the company with sound knowledge in order to establish dossiers that are as rounded as possible.