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Commitments and partnerships

Involvement in various professional groups

Ideal for discussing market trends, updating our knowledge and keeping us informed of current issues, we are involved in various professional groups:

Bpifrance Excellence - a group for the most innovative French SMEs
Invivolim - a group of biotechnology companies in Limousin
Unitis - an interprofessional European syndicate of cosmetic ingredient manufacturers
SFC - Société Française de Cosmétologie (French Cosmetology Society)
Cosmetic Valley - French beauty cluster

Involvement in local life in Limousin: 
Located in Limousin (new region Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes), ID bio draws its inspiration from the values of this open, united and attractive region . Therefore, it can offer a uniquely complete service thanks to the expertise mastered by particularly dynamic teams working for the satisfaction of our clients and partners.

1) Cultural and associative aspect
If ID bio is committed to associative and cultural structures, it is because they share common values. Human discussion and cultural discoveries are at the centre of attention and perseverance leads to sporting or cultural excellence.
ID bio supports culture and works to promote the local musical heritage by assisting with the jazz festival, "Eclats d’Email".
 ID bio has also been in partnership with a Limousin rugby team, JA Isle for several seasons now, which shares the same values as the company: team spirit, respect, perseverance and sharing.

2) University aspect
ID bio also supports all university projects undertaken representing the very essence of creativity, innovation and personal involvement.

- ID bio has participated in the creation of the Fondation partenariale de l’Université de Limoges (Limoges University Partnership Foundation). This structure enables university research to be highlighted, as well as the promotion of excellence and regional scientific precision.

- We also benefit from access to techniques through our partnership with the Department of Biological Engineering at the Limoges University Institute of Technology .