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Company values

"Having created ID bio in 1993, I can now discern the three major lines which guided me towards developing active ingredients for the health and beauty fields:

Conducting oneself well at ID bio involves being in good spirits and behaving with dignity and honesty towards our colleagues and the company in order to meet our clients’ and partners’ demands as best we can. It is the best testimony of the respect we would like and must create. It represents the first value of the company: the interpersonal behaviour.

In turn, know-how is based on the requirement for precision in the technical control involved in each of the various tasks, with which each member of the team must comply. Only the contribution of diverse skills helps to differentiate ID bio and helps its success. We have also formalised our empirical practices for continuous improvement through the work of the Quality Management teams. Therefore, we must continue along this route towards an increasingly transparent practice, in partnership with our clients.

The two previous values would barely have any meaning unless they were put into action using the third value - creativity. Indeed, within our teams, we require innovation on a daily basis in order to meet the market’s needs, whilst unleashing the positive expression of critical minds, opening out into the field of creation.

In this way, the ID bio mindset relies on ensuring we share knowledge in teams and on continually questioning our ability to pass on our knowledge."

Jean Pierre PICOT