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Terroir en beauté (Local beauty) range

You can also discover our locally produced French extracts with the Terroir en beauté® (Local beauty) range:

*sustainable botanical extracts, especially designed for the beauty industry, and made with AB raw materials sourced in France
*a desire to make use of agro-food resources and the botanical richness of our country, in a parallel field of activity
*a proximity sourcing all over the French regions, guaranteeing a precise geographical origin and a reduction in the environmental footprint
*traceability of the plant extract used, from the raw materials to the extracts, thanks to the lasting relationships built with the producers
*green processes, which are less energy-intensive, and natural extraction solvents enable the best of the raw materials to be obtained

The raw materials available today: Solliès fig, red rice from Camargue, sweet almond from Provence, thyme from Provence, lemon from Provence, chestnut from Périgord-Limousin, saffron from Limousin, honey from Limousin, mallow from Auvergne, cedar from Auvergne, Pansy from Auvergne, salicornia/rock samphire from the Charentais marshes, common hollyhock from Charentes, Guérande grey salt and many more on request.

Standard extraction: 60% palm-free organic glycerine and 40% water - without preservatives
Other solvents and preservation methods available upon request.

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