ID Botanicals

Make plant originality your source of inspiration with our ID Botanicals range

A few examples, from over 300 plants available, include:
*the basics: aloe vera, cornflower, chamomile, cherry, poppy, eucalyptus, strawberry, red currant, witch hazel, beech, laurel, ivy, lily, sweet mint, blackberry, walnut, dandelion, rose, sesame, violet, etc.

*the exotics: panama wood, boswellia, calophyllum, carambola, cherimoya, rose hip, henna, kawakawa, mangosteen, great morinda, pitaya, tomato, tonka, vetiver, etc.

*the aquatics: algae nodosa, centella asiatica, watercress, fucus vesiculosus, sea lettuce, kelp, lithothamnion, water lily, etc.

*the originals: eggplant, shepherd’s purse, quince, prickly pear, frangipani, hop, kaki, moringa, barley, potentilla, saponaria, black truffle, valerian, etc.

And many more...

With ID bio, you can count on the naturalness of and tell a story with each plant chosen.

Seasonal concept ideas: summer selection

Discover a fresh association for summery formulas

Think about an after-sun lotion combining bergamot orange for its tonifying action, oat for its healing action in case of superficial sunburns and cherry, just for the fruity touch that gives a perfect complexion !

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