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Efficient industrial tool

Operational premises for quality production
In order to meet demand, ID bio has 3 production units for producing up to 2 tonnes of batches. Each of them is equipped with personnel airlocks at each entrance in order to separate the white zones from the grey zones and respect the hygiene regulations in place.

A specific definition of the separate zones has been created in each unit for the two areas of activity, dividing the manufacturing zone from the zones for the preparation of raw materials, sterile filtration, controlled atmosphere packaging, specific packaging (Easy Pure System), quarantining before analysis, control and intermediary storage.
Concerning final storage, depending on the nature of the product, it can be stored at room temperature, at +4°C or at -18°C. The references will then be broken down by areas of activity between the two available stores.

Since extending its premises in 2009, ID bio benefits from increased surface areas (workshops of over 400 m2 and 450 m2 of storage area) as well as 2 production workshops, which have been bio-certified by ECOCERT. This modern, automated, multipurpose and flexible tool enables the company to manufacture quality products, in accordance with specific standards , strict control and leading practices in order to meet our partners’ expectations.

Premises that are also human-oriented
As for the back office and administration part, the employees benefit from spacious and light offices, which are open to the outside world, in an effort to facilitate communication. The 3 rooms equipped for reception, changing and breaks, as well as the seating area outside, are also essential living areas where good, professional ideas are brought to be shared and discussed proactively in a convivial environment.

Finally, for more formal meetings, the staffs also have spacious and equipped meeting rooms at their disposal in order to carry out medium and long term everyday projects.