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Command of biotechnology

Sustainable processes
Since its creation in 1993, ID bio has made a point of using green biotechnological processes, which are respectful of the raw materials used. In particular, these high-tech processes enable an improved access to molecules and their bioavailable compounds so as to develop products that are in line with market expectations.

Expertise mastered for over 20 years
With over 20 years’ expertise in biology and chemistry, the ID bio team works to continually improve its knowledge in the cutting-edge field of biotechnology. Through its command of raw materials, it can provide ingredients tailored to the cosmetic industry.
Therefore, the company values natural plant and animal resources in order to provide the very best in the beauty field.

Innovative techniques
Leading this engineering are various techniques for the extraction, fractionation and purification of the raw materials, which are used and passed on to all of the teams. Continuous monitoring allows the company to supplement these processes and enhance the employees’ range of skills.

What is biotechnology?

Employing methods using living organisms or
components of living organisms (enzymes, genes, etc.)